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  • Searching for Clues to COVID-19 Immunity
    Getting more specific answers about how the immune system responds to the virus that causes COVID-19, including whether recovery is likely permanent, is crucial not only to those who have recovered. These answers can help inform vaccine makers to make the most effective vaccines as well.
  • Poverty May Up Black Children's Health Risks Early
    The research adds to mounting evidence that children of Black parents who are also poor face greater health inequities than whites.
  • Most Americans Want to End Seasonal Time Changes
    As most of America prepares for the Nov. 1 return of standard time, 63% want one fixed, year-round time, a new survey finds.
  • Who's At Risk For 'Long COVID?'
    About 5% of those with COVID-19 will have symptoms for eight weeks or more, according to the preprint analysis of data, CNN reported Wednesday.
  • Hispanic Women More Prone to COVID in Pregnancy
    The researchers collected data on more than 900 Hispanic, Black, Asian and white patients. Among Hispanic women, nearly 11% tested positive for COVID-19, compared with 5.5% of non-Hispanic patients, the findings showed.

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